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Why promotional gifts: the psychology of giving

Giving business gifts has become a natural part of the activities of many companies. For example, think of end-of-year gifts, a gift for an important milestone or a simple thank you for a great collaboration. But why are promotional gifts so popular? What is the effect of giving a business gift? And how do you achieve the right effect? Keep reading and we will tell you all about it.

The principle of reciprocity

The power of a promotional gift has everything to do with the principle of reciprocity. This psychological principle was coined by American psychologist Robert Cialdini and it means that people tend to give something back when they receive something. And this principle can also be applied to promotional gifts. When your company gives a gift to customers or relations, you involve them in the company and they will be more likely to give something back, remain loyal, make a purchase or strengthen the relationship. Want to know more about these psychological principles? Then read the book ‘Influence’ by Robert Cialdini.

Link the emotions to your brand

When you receive a gift, it automatically creates a happy feeling. And that also applies to a promotional gift. The recipient experiences positive emotions of joy, surprise and appreciation. You then link these emotions to your brand, which can make a major contribution to the decision-making process in the short and long term. Make sure that the promotional gift is not only valuable, but also relevant and meaningful to the recipient. Show that you know and appreciate the recipient and create a personal bond.

Your brand is top-of-mind again

A promotional gift is a tangible reminder of your company, so the recipient will regularly think about your brand, sometimes even long after the gift has been given. Also called ‘top-of-mind’ marketing. This effect is even greater when you have the promotional gifts printed with your logo. Especially when it is a useful, striking or innovative gift that they use every day. Consider, for example, a printed notebook, a luxurious, engraved pen or a desk calendar with a logo. When the recipients use these items, your brand will be top-of-mind again.

Strengthening the customer relationship

Acquiring new customers is important, but so is retaining your customers. To retain your customers, it is important to build a long-term, positive relationship and ensure that they remain connected to your company. This goes much further than just selling your products or services. Business gifts contribute to strengthening customer relationships and brand loyalty. It shows that you appreciate them and find it important to stay in touch. Read more tips in the article ‘Strengthening the customer relationship: this is what you should and shouldn’t do.‘.

How do you achieve the right effect?

So you see why promotional gifts are important. Not only for the recipient, but also for your company. But that does not mean that you achieve the right effect with every promotional gift. That is why we give a number of tips for achieving the right effect:

  • Know who your recipient is: Make sure you are aware of the recipient’s interests and needs. You make a strong impression with a personalized gift that matches their preferences.
  • Choose quality: You will not achieve the right effect with a pen that is half falling apart. Go for a high-quality gift that contributes to a longer brand memory.
  • Add a personal touch: A personal message or gift with name makes the gift more personal and meaningful.
  • Provide a useful gift: You are much more likely to receive a useful gift in everyday life, which means your brand will receive more attention.
  • Be original: Give a distinctive gift with a beautiful message, the more original, the better.
  • Build a campaign around it: A promotional gift can be part of a multi-part campaign. Think of a website or a YouTube video with a personal message.

Choosing the right moment for a business gift

Give gifts at strategic moments. Don’t just think of a gift around the Christmas period, there are many more options. For inspiration, we have listed a number of moments:

  • Birthdays
  • Company anniversaries
  • The start of the new year
  • Easter
  • The start of summer
  • For major sporting events such as the European Championships, World Cup or the Tour de France
  • When launching a new product or service
  • As a souvenir after a trade fair or corporate event
  • Upon completion of a project

It is clear why promotional gifts have a positive effect and how to achieve that effect. Do you need help choosing the promotional gifts that will have the right effect on your target group? IGO Promo has more than 75 years of experience with promotional gifts and is happy to help you.

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