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Welcome a new colleague: this is how you make his/her first day unforgettable!

The first day at your new job can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. A different environment, new colleagues and perhaps a different working method. How nice is it when you are kindly welcomed at your brand new workplace? As an employer, this is the time to make your new colleague feel at ease and you also score marketing points with it. Suppose you have put together a nice welcome package: a personal card with ‘welcome new colleague’, a printed water bottle, a box of chocolates or a canvas bag with your logo. If your new employee posts a photo of this on social media, it will ensure more brand awareness and contributes to employer branding.

In this blog we list a number of tips to make that first exciting working day go smoothly, to help your newcomer get used to it quickly and to also benefit your company from a marketing point of view. So, whether you’re a seasoned employee or a newbie yourself, get started with the step-by-step plan below to make their first day of work unforgettable!

Send a nice present

The days before a first day at work are often very exciting. What do you wear, what do you take with you and what will the first impression be like? As an employer, take advantage of this moment by sending a small present. Think of a personalized box of chocolate, a bunch of flowers or another gadget that is typical for your company. Do you want to make it even more personal? Then add a card in which you, for example, introduce the team or say that you are looking forward to his or her arrival.

Prepare the team and provide a furnished workplace

As a colleague, it is nice to be well prepared for the arrival of a new employee. Make time in your agenda for an introduction and provide the future workplace with the right office materials: from notebook to pens and from headphones to mouse pads. It is also nice to provide these products with your own company logo. But also think of a working computer screen and a comfortable office chair.

Be ready at the reception to welcome your new colleague

How nice is it if you are immediately taken care of as soon as you enter the building? Have a colleague wait at the reception, small effort, but you immediately leave a good impression. Even better, hand over a goodie bag containing a welcome package for the new employee. For example with printed office supplies and an employee handbook or informative folder about your company. Your new colleague can look through this at home. This way your new employee gets to know your company and your company is in the picture with family and friends.

Plan an introduction to colleagues

As colleagues you are probably curious about each other. Make sure there is room to get to know each other and to discover possible common ground. Or just have a conversation about what keeps you busy outside working hours. This makes collaboration easier and gives your business relationship a boost.

Let him/her get used to the new workplace and give a tour

Show your new colleague his/her workplace and give them time to get used to it. You can also use a present here: for example, a water bottle with your own name or a pen and notebook with the logo of your company. The other part of the day you can give a tour of the company so that your colleague can become familiar with it. Where do you come in, where do you get a cup of coffee and where do you eat your lunch? Practical matters, but certainly not unimportant!

Highlight fun highlights during a working day

Do you have a canteen where lunch can be picked up? Then show it! Is there a ping pong table, a lounge corner or a fridge somewhere where the Friday afternoon beers are cool: be sure to name these nice places, because they will leave a good impression 😉

Go through the checklist together

Many companies have a checklist for onboarding your new colleague. The checklist is not only useful for the new employee, but also for the employer itself. This way you can be sure that you won’t forget any important tasks and that everything will run smoothly before, during and after the start of the first day. We have listed a number of important parts for that checklist of a new employee for you:

  • Sign any papers such as the contract
  • Hand over the staff badge
  • Arranging and checking login details
  • Schedule the first appointments in the calendar (e.g. training on common tools)
  • Send internal acquaintance email
  • Tour of the property
  • Discuss the first day

Go through this checklist together, but make sure you don’t give too much information on the first day. There are enough impressions on such a day, it should also remain a bit of fun!

Discuss the first day and close it together

Finally, celebrate the end of a successful first day! Whether you do that with a cup of coffee in the cafeteria or a drink after work, take the time to celebrate the arrival of your new colleague and welcome him/her to the team. Talk to each other about the course of the day and how that person feels about it. This way you can both end the day with a good feeling!

Hopefully, with these tips from the step-by-step plan, you can quickly make your new colleague feel at ease and you can take the first steps towards a successful and long-term working relationship.

Even more reasons for a personalized gift

A personalized present is not only fun to give to a new employee. Also think of occasions like a birthday in the department or if you want to put the secretary in the spotlight for a day. Actually, there is always a reason for an original thank you gift. Because honestly, who wouldn’t be happy for that?

Would you like to have something special printed for your new employee, but do you find it difficult to choose what? No problem! Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you give your employees an unforgettable welcome.

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