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These are the trends for promotional gifts 2023

More and more companies are recognizing the value of giving corporate gifts. It is a good way to show your appreciation to customers, relations and staff. And when your logo is on such a promotional gift, you also provide extra brand awareness. But what kind of promotional gift can you give? What are popular promotional gifts? To help you choose a good promotional gift, we have listed the most important trends for promotional gifts in 2023. These are not only new trends, but also trends that will continue this year.

1. Sustainable promotional gifts

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic this year and many companies are looking for steps they can take to become a more sustainable business. One of those steps is thinking about good alternatives for business gifts. With the help of an eco promotional gift you show that you as an organization want to contribute to the environment. Consider, for example, a promotional gift made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, wheat straw or rpet (recycled PET bottles). In this way you not only contribute to a better planet, but you also send a good signal to the outside world. Put together a sustainable package or come up with a fun promotion where you give away green products.

2. Save energy

Saving energy is currently the talk of the town. And in line with sustainable promotional gifts, this is a subject to which you as an employer can make a direct and indirect contribution. You can lower the heating by a degree and ensure that employees are less cold, both at home and in the business premises. For example, give them a nice warm blanket, hoodie or fleece jacket, on which you can also have your logo printed. Or think of hip promotional gifts such as a power bank or solar-powered bicycle lamp. In this way, electricity can be saved again. Every bit helps.

3. Sustainable production processes

When it comes to sustainability, not only sustainable business gifts and saving energy are important, but also making business operations and production processes more sustainable. Think of the CO₂ neutral shipping of products and the replacement of plastic bags with reusable cotton bags. Or start a sustainable initiative. For example, IGO Promo has introduced ‘IGO Green’, where a percentage of every order is used to plant new trees.

4. Local products

Why would you have products come from far away, when they are also made much closer? We see that products made in Europe are increasingly being chosen. Think of ‘Made in Europe’ products such as a Mepal lunch box that is produced in the Netherlands. Be surprised by the various products made in Europe that you can have printed with your logo or another print.

5. Focus on health

Partly due to the corona crisis, the theme of ‘health’ will also remain important in 2023. As an entrepreneur, you want your employees to be healthy and fit. In the article ‘Motivate your employees to stay active’, we have already provided a number of tips on sports and health for your employees. Encourage them to exercise more often by giving them a sporty gift such as sportswear or an activity tracker. But you can also motivate them to have a healthier lunch. For example, give them a lunch box, shaker cup or water bottle with which they can easily take their healthy lunch and drinks to work. But of course you can also surprise your customers and relations with such a healthy and sporty promotional gift!

6. Employer branding

Due to the tight labor market, it is currently not easy to find staff. You can hardly avoid coming up with creative solutions to get into the picture of potential employees. This is also referred to as ’employer branding’. In essence, this is about conveying the right image of your company. Show how much fun it is to work for your company. Make sure that your employees also proudly propagate your brand. And items such as a cap or jacket with a logo can also contribute to this. But also consider offering a bonus or gift when hiring new staff. Have you found new employees? Let them start their first day with an extra good feeling by giving them a welcome package. Maybe they will share this with friends, acquaintances or on social media!

With the help of the above promotional gift trends, you will in any case have enough inspiration for 2023. Surprise your employees, customers and relations with a printed promotional gift and you will immediately ensure good branding!

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