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The best travel gadgets: A great customer journey

Do you have any plans for the summer? Maybe a day trip, camping, or a week in a cottage with the family? The point is, everyone enjoys their summer vacation in different ways, but common to them all is that they will happily display your logo as long as it is placed on a corporate gift you have given them. In the world of promotional items and corporate gifts, you usually need to be on time when planning offline campaigns. Corporate Christmas gifts should be purchased already in July or August. The principle is the same with summer campaigns – the earlier the better. But, it is certainly not too late yet and we are ready to help you choose the right gifts. This article offers inspiration so you can be completely ready for your summer marketing.

And the destination is…?

Although many people prefer to spend their summer holidays in another country, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the holidays at home in Denmark. The phenomenon is called ‘staycation’, and basically involves vacationing in one’s home country, by taking day trips that are within a reasonable distance of one’s home. If you have never tried it before, you are guaranteed to find new ways to experience your home country, despite the fact that they you spend every day here. Go out and see how beautiful a country we live in.

Tip: Whether it’s a weekend trip or a longer holiday that you’re planning for the summer, you’ll need a travel bag or suitcase. And so will your customers and employees. We can deliver both these types of travel bags with your logo, so that your company’s identity is visible during all the summer holidays’ many different destinations. For the more common day trips, we recommend a very specific bag – namely the customer favorite Nolan RPET.

What should you bring on your holiday?

Remember the practical products. If you are the beach type, this will include products such as beach towels and cooler bags, lunch boxes, sunglasses, etc. There are many different products, all of which are suitable for different purposes. The point is simply that you should consider what kind of type your customers and employees are, and gift them appropriate gifts so that they get the most out of their summer with your business in mind.

Tip: Are you a store owner? Make sure you have relatively affordable giveaways ready, such as sunglasses, sunscreen, etc., that you can give to customers when they make a purchase. It’s a great way to build customer loyalty.

More great tips for the summer

The article previously mentioned ‘staycation’, i.e. holidays in your own country. We recommend that you spice it up with some bike rides so you can get out and experience your surroundings in an entirely different way. If you want to try something really fun, you can put together an exciting trip on Google Maps, and place sights along the route that you and your ‘travel partners’ can enjoy on the route. After a hard round of exercise on the bike, it’s some food and drinks are well deserved, and luckily summer is the perfect season for barbecues and picnics. Your customers and employees are also guaranteed to be big fans of nice barbecue evenings, which is why some summer gifts, such as a BBQ set, can make a good impression.

Remember the sunscreen!

You can’t count on the weather forecasts in our part of the world. Some days it’s greyer than the colour palette of movie from 60 years ago, and others you’d think you’ve traveled down South. We’re fortunately really good at adapting to the latter and remembering the sunscreen. Make sure your employees and customers can get through the summer holidays unscathed and burn-free. You can find sunscreen that can be printed with your logo on our webshop.

Tip: As you know, sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. How well it does is indicated by the SPF / sun protection factor that you find on the bottle. Be sure to use the cream that suits your skin type.

Surprise both staff and customers with delicious summer gifts

In our part of the world, it is very common to receive and give gift baskets on special occasions, and the recipient always appreciates the gesture and the content of the basket. However, you do not have to exclusively reserve the use of gift baskets for the very special occasions. Surprise employees and customers with a delicious mix of products they can use to make the most of their summer, you’ll build loyalty that is worth its weight in gold.

Start considering how to implement some of the tips we mention in this article. If you need help, we are ready to help you at

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