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Taking Social Corporate Responsability as a business!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become more and more important in business, and people expect that both big and small companies make their decisions with consideration to the economy, environment, and society. However, companies cannot become socially responsible overnight: it requires commitment and engagement for both management and employees.

CSR is a very broad term that decision-makers can define and find their way of working with. Below you will find tips on what to include in your CSR work and how we at IGO Promo work with CSR.

Environmental responsibility

Running a business, it is important to always keep the environment in consideration. People are getting more and more conscious of their behaviour towards the planet and therefore, being environmentally friendly should be on top of mind when producing and selling products or services. This goes for both investments, productions, transportation, waste management at the office and so on.

We at IGO Promo are trying to do as much as we can to have the smallest footprint as possible including finding new sustainable printing techniques, having CO2 neutral deliveries, and having accessible recycling stations in our offices. To read more about how IGO Promo work with CRS, visit our website.

Ethical responsibility

CSR also includes ethical manners and policies. Every organization should have a code of conduct that should be signed by all employees to reduce harassments, racism, or bad work environments, showing inclusion of all cultures, ages, sexual orientation etc. Every company need to set their own standards and communicate transparently to make sure everyone feels welcomed and included at their work place.

We all carry a reasonability being more inclusive and understanding of people’s background and identities. Everyone deserves to feel safe and equally treated as once fellow colleague.

Philanthropic responsibility

In addition, the challenges are to know how to give back and take responsibility for the society. One way of doing it is to work with non-profit organizations or charities, having their focus on making the world a better place. Also, in order to leave the smallest footprint possible, it is with great important to evaluate how and when a company’s resources should be used. Meaning, what long-term effects will it have on the planet? Are these resources aligned with our policies and moral? How are we influencing people to become more environmentally friendly showing the use of one resource?

IGO takes part in our philanthropic responsibility as a member of the Plato Group Foundation. The foundation implements various initiatives aimed at enhancing its societal contributions. These efforts involve collaborating closely with company Senzer to assist and incorporate individuals who face barriers to employment, enabling them to find meaningful and fulfilling roles. Additionally, the Plato Group Foundation has generously contributed over 18 million euros to support more than 30 different charitable organizations.

Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility connects all responsibilities stated above as it is with great important that organizations invest in becoming more environmentally friendly and look towards long-term visions and goals. Invest in R&D, programmes, or similar to be the best company it can be. For example, prioritize to invest in finding new ways to produce sustainably and offer more eco-friendly products. The benefit of taking financial responsibility is that you can build better customer loyalty and reputation among investors, partners, and stakeholders. It also a way of managing risk, being less vulnerable for financial crises or other environmental disasters.

How is IGO Promo working with CSR

IGO Promo is working together with various partners to make sure we do the best we can in giving back to the planet and not only focusing on economical objectives.

The IMPACT-collection is a collection with a range of products that is produces by recycled PET, reusable materials as glass, stainless steal and more. In addition, for every product that is sold, we donate 2% of our revenue to which is a non-profit organization working with ensuring safe and accessible water for the world.

Another partner of ours is One Tree Planted who helps us give back to the planet. For every order placed on our website, we plant a tree. We donate trees all over the world. The larger the order is, the more trees will be planted. How great is that? Maybe you will help plant trees on the other side of the world!

Source: One Tree Planted

Working with CSR and influencing industries but also employees, the goals should be long-term. Many short-term measures will in the end not be as sustainable as other and not showing good returns of investments.  

What to think about when buying promotional products?

Important to keep in mind when you buy promotional gifts, is to remember to order products that align with your company’s CSR policy. This is also a way to motivate and encourage your customers, employees and other relations become more conscious of their footprint and behaviours affecting the environment.  Please visit our website to see our sustainable range of promotional products. 

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