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Sunglasses with logo: Eye-catching promotions

As soon as the sun shines in all its splendor, it’s time to pull out your sunglasses. Not only to look smart (though that’s definitely a big part of it), but also to prevent eye damage. Sunglasses should be worn daily throughout the summer, which will benefit you as a business owner, as sunglasses are also one of the best marketing tools available. Find out why, by reading the article.

Why buy sunglasses with a logo?

When summer announces its arrival, people spend much of their free time outside in the sun. While doing so, they need some sunglasses so they can navigate around, without being blinded. You know very well that almost everyone wears sunglasses, and you have ample opportunity to buy sunglasses with logo to wear them as part of your marketing. Whether you’re looking for an afforadble pair of promotional shades, or in the market for the sunglasses’ ferrari, we definitely have some models you will like on our webshop.

Sunglasses with logo are a marketing tool

Sunglasses are excellent for both internal and external branding of your business. You can both give them away for free to customers and employees, or invest some models that you can resell through your own webshop, so that your customers can support your company and get some cool sunglasses in return. If you are a store owner, you can also hand out sunglasses to customers when they make a purchase in your store – this can support the sales figures on the bottom line.

Sunglasses and UV protection

Now you know that you should not only think of sunglasses as an accessory but also as a marketing tool. Furthermore, of course, do not forget that sunglasses also help prevent damage to your eyes, by protecting against UV rays from the sun. Typically, sunglasses have a UV400 filter that provides 100% protection against UV radiation, thus ensuring that you can move outside, without the risk of injuring your eyes. In addition, sunglasses also have various CE markings, which you’re probably familiar with from face masks. In this regard, you should look for sunglasses, with CE3 approval, as these generally provide the best light transmission. No matter what pair of sunglasses you’ve got your eyes set on, keep in mind that the price of the sunglasses does not help determine how well they protect your retinas. €2 sunglasses protect just as well as the branded €60 ones.

Did you know: That almost all sunglasses on our webshop have UV400 protection? This applies to both affordable and premium sunglasses. Take a closer look at our product descriptions!

Affordable sunglasses with logo

Below, we’ll show some affordable sunglasses that you can use in your campaigns, without breaking your budget. Since the sunglasses are on the cheaper end, they’re perfect for giving away at events. They are all available in many different colors, and you can print your logo on them – most often the sunglasses’ arms. This is because there is room for longer logos, and even a bit of text. Remember that the more sunglasses you order at once, the more discount you can get.

The 5 best affordable sunglasses from IGO Promo:
1. Malibu
2. Sun Ray
3. Rainbow
4. LogoSpecs
5. LookingBamboo

Premium sunglasses

If, instead of the more affordable models, you are looking for luxury sunglasses, to give an extra thank you to the very special customers and employees, then we recommend some of our ‘premium’ models. Here you can choose from many different trendy models in a sea of ​​materials that can have your logo or message printed on, to provide very subtle branding, without exaggerating.

Top 5 premium sunglasses from IGO Promo:
1. Breaker
2. California
3. Shield
4. Aviator
5. Brava

Sustainable sunglasses

More and more companies are placing sustainability high on their agenda, which means that sustainability must be considered in offline campaigns when using promotional items and corporate gifts. In the case of sunglasses, this means that you as a business owner should look at some of our sustainable models, such as malibu eco wheat straw when you need to buy sunglasses, or some malibu RPET. There are plenty of opportunities for you who want to take sustainable marketing into use.

As you can see, sunglasses offer plenty of options as they are suitable as both promotional items and corporate gifts, and with your logo printed on them, they are a powerful marketing tool. Order a pair of cool sunglasses today, we’re ready to help you!

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