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Summer tips for your offline marketing

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy all those outdoor activities we’ve been looking forward to all year! It’s also time to heat up your marketing game and connect with your customers.

At IGO Promo, we believe that the right strategy can make experiences even better to promoting your brand in a friendly and practical way. Here we’ll explore four main aspects on how to leverage the sunny season to elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Seasonal Campaigns

Aligning your marketing efforts with the summer season can improve customer experiences and boost brand visibility.

For a successful campaign, consider creating social media contests focused on summer activities or special events like soccer championship and/or Olympics, encouraging followers to share adventures. Promote using your hashtag for a chance to win prizes, creating user-generated content and brand interaction. Collaborate with other businesses or influencers to co-create summer-themed products or experiences.

You can also leverage outdoor advertising opportunities like billboards, bus wraps, or sidewalk chalk art in high-traffic areas frequented by the target audience, to promote the brand during the summer season.

Summer Essentials

Summer is synonymous with fun, and what better way to promote your brand than with a range of seasonal items for the outdoors? Think of branded coolers to keep drinks fresh on warm summer days. Custom beach towels are great for drying off but also picnics, often with a wide print area! Also, outdoor games like frisbees and padleball sets promote social interaction while featuring your brand, entertaining your employees and business partners.

Practical accessories such as sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and water bottles not only offer protection and hydration but also amplify your brand’s presence. And lastly, for the adventurous, branded travel gear like bags, neck pillows, and insulated mugs accompany relaxation and exploration on every journey.

Sustainability Initiatives

Incorporating sustainability initiatives is a fantastic way to show your commitment to the planet while connecting with environmentally conscious customers.
By offering eco-friendly products or implementing carbon offset programs, you’re not just reducing your environmental footprint—you’re also inviting your audience to join you in making a positive impact. In today’s world, where environmental awareness is on the rise and legislation is following suit, demonstrating your brand’s dedication to sustainability can truly resonate with consumers who value ethical practices. So, embrace sustainability in your summer initiatives, not only for the planet’s sake but also to create meaningful connections with your customers and community.

Sunny Events

Organizing a summer event or party is a fantastic way for companies to engage with their employees, customers, and community. Whether it’s a casual beach party, a corporate picnic, or a themed outdoor festival, summer events offer a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere!

Planning a successful event involves choosing the right location, catering to diverse tastes with food and drink options, and incorporating fun activities. With careful planning and attention to detail, a summer event can leave a lasting positive impression and strengthen the bonds between your company and its audience.

Keep in mind that tailoring your strategies to the summer season can bring fantastic results. Stay flexible, keep your audience in mind, and don’t forget to keep creativity in mind along the way. If you need assistance with promotional products, feel free to reach out to our team or simply drop us an email.

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