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Smart tips for your office supplies

Every office is in need of office supplies such as pens, post-its and notepads. But did you know that you can benefit from these office supplies much more than you might initially think? At least, if you approach it the right way. To help you get started, we provide smart tips for managing and replenishing your office supplies in this article.

Use a smart inventory management system

Make sure you keep track of the current stock of the required items in the office in a smart way. This can be a simple notebook or an Excel file in which you keep track of this, but there is also special software on the market for inventory management. Make sure that only one person is responsible for management or ensure that everyone uses the system, otherwise it will not be manageable.

Choose printed office supplies

Having all office supplies in stock is nice, but what if these items have your logo on them? This way not only does everything look beautiful in the same corporate identity, but the articles also contribute to your internal brand awareness. They stand out when used and provide a professional image to the company.

Use printed office supplies as promotional gifts

Don’t just use the printed office supplies for your own company, but also hand them out to your customers or relations. A practical gift that they will find useful. This way, your logo is visible with them, and they get more aware of your company. A smart way to ensure more visibility of your brand.

Consider sustainable office supplies

More and more companies are working on becoming more sustainable. This includes several areas: everything from making the office building more sustainable to reducing use of plastic. But you also have the option to choose sustainable or environmentally friendly office supplies. Consider office supplies made from recycled or green materials such as bamboo, rPET, cork or felt. Read more about this in the article about sustainable materials.

Take inventory of office supplies at the end of the year

The end of the year is a good time to take inventory of your office supply and figure out how you want to get a good start on the coming year. Do you have money left over from your annual budget? If so, see if you can supplement the office supplies with practical and special products.

Ask employees for input

Prepare a questionnaire for the employees and ask them for input on the office supplies. What do they have enough of and what are they missing? From this you can decide which office supplies to order.

Enough inspiration and smart tips to get started with restocking and updating office supplies. Curious about the most popular items for the office? Feel free to visit our website. And also read the article with office life hacks to make office life even easier.

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