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Quality Printing Techniques: Beautiful Prints That Last

When you order business gifts or promotional items with your logo or print, you naturally want the print to last. Thanks to our more than 75 years of experience, we at IGO Promo know what is important when it comes to durable printing of various materials. For this purpose, we use various printing techniques and still do a lot of the manual work necessary to accommodate finer details, which ensures that all prints remain good for a long time.

But, which printing techniques do we use, and what are the advantages of the various techniques? We will explain everything in this article.

The different printing techniques

The main printing techniques we use are embroidery, laser engraving, and blind embossing. Which technique gives the best result depends, among other things, on the material. For some products, you have the choice of several printing techniques. Therefore, you will find an explanation of the different printing techniques below.


Embroidery is a printing technique that we mainly use on textiles such as towels, polo shirts, caps, jackets, and bags. By means of needle and thread, a text, logo, or image is stitched on the article. Because we use polyester threads, the embroidery is colourfast and does not shrink. Not sure if you should choose embroidery or print? If you want a durable print with an exclusive look, then embroidery is the best option. This is ideal for workwear that is worn and washed often. This way you can be sure that the print will remain beautiful for a long time, wash after wash.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a popular technique for adding a logo or personalising individual names to promotional items or business gifts. Using laser engraving, it is possible to durably print luxury pens, keyrings, or a bamboo notebook with a pen. We use computer-controlled lasers that can engrave very precisely. Therefore, very fine and small designs are also possible. The advantages of laser engraving: it is scratchproof and has a very luxurious look. Please note, however, that we cannot engrave in colour. The colour depends on the material and the bottom layer. The laser removes the top layer, making the bottom layer visible.

Blind embossing

Another word for blind embossing is embossing or dry stamping. This sustainable printing technique does not use ink. We print into the material, which means that it will not fade quickly. A kind of relief is applied, which creates a chic look. For example, we can print a luxury notebook using blind embossing. A business gift that is sure to leave a good impression.

Sustainable materials

In addition to sustainable printing techniques, it is also good to think about sustainable materials. By this, we do not only mean materials that last, but that is also friendly to the environment. Materials that are good for the environment and will not be thrown away quickly. It is good to know that our range of products made from ecologically sound materials is constantly expanding. We now have a range of over 1,000 products that support companies in making sustainable decisions when promoting their brand or message. Please note that promotional products are often more complex than other products. A pen, for example, has a filling with ink that obviously cannot be made from wood. The products therefore often consist of more than just a single raw material. IGO Promo, therefore, looks for products that are made entirely or for the most part from sustainable materials.

Various products in our range are made of RPET, which stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. In other words, recycled polyester. RPET ensures that these existing materials can be given a second life, drastically reducing the ecological footprint. That cork is environmentally friendly comes as a surprise to few people. The bark of the cork oak is ‘peeled’ from the tree every 9 years. The tree then continues to grow and produce new cork. Would you like to know what other sustainable materials we use, such as felt, jute, or wheat straw? Then take a look at our sustainable materials dictionary.

Sustainable business gifts

This way, you will at least know what is possible when it comes to sustainable printing. We understand that sometimes you would rather choose a different printing technique. Fortunately, IGO Promo has a wide selection of economical printing techniques. No matter what kind of product you have printed, we will always ensure that the printing will remain attractive for a long time. Feel free to contact us if you need advice on the best printing.

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