Black Friday Week at IGO – New deals every day!

The best shopping day of the year is just around the corner: Black Friday!
We want to celebrate this special date with our customers by offering something even better: Black Friday Week! 
From Monday 19th to Friday 23rd November, we’ll present a new promotion every day with discounts up to 25%!

At IGO, we have one clear goal: help you to promote your brand.
That’s why we’ll offer the best deals on some of our most popular promotional products and business gifts.

We cannot show you the items yet, but here’s a little teaser of what’s coming next week. 
Just make sure to check out our website daily to benefit from these greats discounts!

Best Black Friday Week Deals in Promotional Products!

Monday, November 19th

Hint: This receptacle allows you to infuse your water.
What else? Customize your drink’s flavour with your favourite fruits and create your own taste sensation. 
Do you want your beverages cold? 
Put ice in it instead!

Tuesday, November 20th

Hint: The king of promotional products. 
Useful, affordable and easy to carry around. 
It’s an item that you’ll use on a daily basis, and one of IGO’s best sellers. 
You definitely don’t want to miss out this promotion!

Wednesday, November 21st

Hint: What is your most used electronic device every day? 
Probably your smartphone, right?
We are not offering you deals on smartphones (yet?), but this product will make your experience with them better… or longer, at least.

Thursday, November 22nd

Hint: “Knowledge is power”. 
You might have heard this quote many times before. 
Well, nowadays “data is knowledge”. 
Therefore, something worth keeping safe.
Think of our Thursday deal as your portable safe box for your data. 

Would you like to know more? 
Come back next week and find out!

Friday, November 23rd – The day has come!

Hint: Black Friday is finally here! 
Can you hear it? No? Then turn up the volume!
PS: Because of Black Friday, we will have an even bigger surprise waiting for you at our website. 
Tune in on Friday 23rd and find out what!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name given to the day after Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November) in the United States. 
This special date has traditionally marked the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the country since the 50s.
Since the beginning of 2010s, a large number of retailers started offering huge discounts, also online, during Black Friday.
Eventually, this tradition spread across the world and nowadays has become the biggest shopping day of the year in many countries (offline and online).

The shopping arena

Black Friday should be a day for celebration, but sometimes things can get out of hand -specially in the U.S.
Every year, news bulletins open up with videos of brawls in some of the biggest retailers across the country, with people fighting over the best bargain. 
You can even find dozens of compilations with the best fights on YouTube! Here’s an example: Video

Buying your promotional products at IGO has multiple benefits. 
For instance: you won’t have to fight other people to get the best deal: they’ll all be available with just one click!

Don’t miss out on any deals!
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