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What are PMS colours and how do I choose the right colour?

PMS colour chart

What are PMS colours and how do I choose the right colour?

Colours are very important in printing and therefore also in printing logos, texts and images on corporate gifts and promotional items. However, it is very difficult to describe a colour. That is why there is a system that provides an overview of the most common colours.

The abbreviation PMS stands for ‘Pantone Matching System’; PMS colours are the most common spot colours according to the system of the Pantone company. The series was conceived in order to make the lives of printers and designers easier. Naming colours according to the numbers of the PMS series avoids misunderstandings.

Use Pantone: choose certainty!

In the Pantone Matching System (PMS), every colour has its own unique code. The advantage of the Pantone Matching System is that it is universal. This means that with any printer, anywhere in the world, you will get the exact same colour print when it is printed on the same type of material.

How do I select the right PMS colour for my print?

In order to choose the precise colour of your print, we recommend using a PMS fan chart. The colour on the PMS fan chart is the same colour of your print. The colour might deviate a bit depending on the material on which you are going to print. However, we try to achieve the desired PMS colour as precise as possible.

We can imagine that not everyone has a PMS fan chart. Therefore, you can also view the PMS fan chart online on our website.

Where to go from here?

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