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Our top 10 promotional winter products

Winter is coming! Or maybe it has already happened. This season provides new opportunities to promote your brand. But which products sell well in winter? And which typical winter products are nice as a giveaway this season? We list 10 popular promotional products for the winter.

1. Touch screen gloves

You’re walking outside in the cold and your phone rings. How do you record it now? With touchscreen gloves! These are special gloves with conductive material in the fingertips, so you can stay connected and answer your messages without having to take them off. Nice as a giveaway or as merchandise with your logo on it.

2. Ice scraper

An ice scraper is such a practical item that should not be missing in your car. Choose an ice scraper in a nice bright color for your company and have your logo printed on it. This way, your company will stand out positively when it is freezing outside. The helping hand!

3. Heat pack

If you have cold hands, it’s not easy to warm up again. At these times, so-called heat packs come in handy. These typical winter products are filled with a material that you can heat up in the microwave or pan. Slip it into your glove or hold it against your hand and you’ll be warmed up in no time. And we can also print these handy heat packs with your logo if desired!

4. Lip balm

In winter you have a higher chance of dry or cracked lips. With a good lip balm you can take extra care of your lips. That’s why lip balms sell so well in winter time. Also very nice as a giveaway with your logo on it!

5. Fleece blanket

In the evening, it is nice with a cup of hot chocolate or a cup of coffee on the couch, with a fleece blanket. Then you can turn your heating down a degree! And that makes a fleece blanket with logo an ideal winter product that every recipient will be happy with.

6. Thermos cup

In winter, a warm drink is extra tasty. And then it is also nice to be able to take that drink warm. In that case, a thermos cup comes in handy! And if it also has your logo on it, then your brand simply goes with you on the road.

7. Warm coat

It is nice to have a nice warm coat for both work and private life. A comfortable jacket that is windproof and waterproof. IGO Promo has an extensive range of warm jackets that can be printed on the back and/or sleeve with your logo for extra good visibility.

8. Polar Ice Cap

Keep your head warm this winter! Polar ice caps are very popular and sell well because they have wonderfully warm fur on the inside and flaps to warm your ears. And the flap at the top of the hat is ideal for printing your logo.

9. Mug

In the office, in the canteen or at home: mugs are everywhere. And that makes it one of the most popular promotional winter products. Not only can it be used in winter, but also in summer. IGO Promo can provide a mug with a logo or a print around the mug according to your wishes.

10. Umbrella

When you think of winter you might think of snow, but it also rains regularly in this season. An umbrella is therefore indispensable. An umbrella with a logo is an ideal giveaway or place it in your business premises for a bit of extra service towards your customers. This is how you provide extra promotion in a subtle way.

This way you at least know what popular promotional winter products are. When choosing the products, think carefully about the purpose and the target group. Need help with the choice? Please feel free to contact the IGO Promo team. We are happy to help you. 

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