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The best green promotional gifts

More and more companies are going green. And that’s good, because if we all contribute to the environment, it will benefit the future of our planet. In an earlier article you can read which sustainable steps you can take as a company. One example is giving green promotional gifts. What are the benefits of these gifts? We tell you all about it in this article. We also list 10 nice green promotional gifts from our range. Get inspired!

What are green promotional gifts?

Green business gifts are sustainable business gifts that have the least possible impact on the environment. Think of gifts that are produced in an environmentally friendly way, that are made from recycled material, that last as long as possible or that contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste. Read more about this in the article about sustainable products. It can also be promotional gifts with which the recipients themselves provide more greenery. Think of gifts for the garden. And the nice thing about IGO Promo is that you can provide all promotional gifts in the range with your own logo or message. That makes for an extra personal gift.

The benefits of green gifts

Giving a promotional gift is a good way to show your appreciation to your employees, customers and relations. The biggest advantage of such an eco promotional gift is that you also contribute to a sustainable world. Green promotional gifts show that you care about the environment and that you make conscious choices in the field of sustainability. You give a green impression and it can therefore also be part of a sustainable marketing campaign. Think carefully about what message you want to convey and what kind of promotional gift that suits your target group. When the sustainable promotional gifts are printed with a logo, your brand awareness is increasing.

10 nice examples of green gifts

There is a lot of choice when it comes to green promotional gifts. To inspire you and make your choice easier, we have listed 10 great green gifts from our range:

1. Wooden bird house

A nice nesting box that helps birds with a suitable nesting and hiding place. The entrance opening is 33 mm, making this wooden birdhouse ideal for house sparrows. Made from FSC® certified wood.

2. Green Seed Bags of flower seeds

Grow your own flowers or herbs with this grow kit, which consists of a grow bag with a coconut soil block and seeds of flowers or herbs of your choice. Ideal to send as a letterbox gift.

3. EcoBottle plant-based

This environmentally friendly, lightweight Ecobottle water bottle is made from 98% sugar cane biomass waste. The twist cap is made of cork and the bottle is sustainably designed and produced in Sweden.

4. Circular&Co Recycled Now Cup

This double-walled, reusable Circular&Co coffee to-go cup is made from single-use coffee cups and is 100% recyclable. The Now Cup is Insulated, Food Safe, BPA Free and Melamine Free. From 5000 pieces also available with lid in any desired PMS colour.

5. Insect hotel

With this wooden insect hotel, the recipients can provide shelter for various insects such as butterflies, bees, wasps and ladybugs. They are packaged in a beautiful gift box and can be personalized with laser engraving.

6. Corn Backpack backpack

This Corn Backpack is very lightweight and made of corn waste, a material made from corn starch, which is also called PLA. A very nice backpack with drawstrings, with plenty of space for the logo or a message.

7. A5 seed paper

This is very special paper. When you put growing paper on a flat surface, sprinkle soil over it and pour water over it, plants will grow! So it is plantable paper, with the seeds of wild flowers. A nice way to convey a green message to the recipients.

8. Terrarium made of recycled glass

A terrarium garden set made of 100% recycled glass with cork and stainless steel garden tools. Create your own miniature garden that you don’t have to water! The terrarium is made from recycled glass bottles and you have the option of having the lid printed with your logo.

9. VINGA RPET picnic blanket

This soft VINGA picnic blanket is made of 100% GRS-certified RPET. The back is made of PEVA, which is water-repellent. Fold the rug easily and take it with you everywhere. And such a rug offers plenty of space for the logo.

10. Ukiyo Yumiko AWARE™ Hamam Towel

This is one of the most sustainable towels, made from recycled cotton. The production of these towels saves 597.8 liters of water. This Ukiyo Yumiko towel is lightweight, absorbent, sand resistant and quick drying. Use it as a picnic blanket, yoga, beach or gym towel.

Green end of year gifts

With a green promotional gift you can show your appreciation to the recipients all year round. The end of the year is a time when many companies thank relations for the past year and want to strengthen the bond again for the coming year. You can also think of a green end-of-year gift or Christmas package.

With that said, green promotional gifts don’t have to be boring and giving sustainable gift, you send a good signal in several ways. Go green!

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