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Let your employees relax to the max during Christmas!

We can all use a little relaxation from time to time. And perhaps even more so at the end of the year. And when your employees have enough relaxation, they will ultimately perform better and start the new year fresh. Besides, Christmas is coming up. A time that we all want to enjoy in a relaxed way. And did you know that as an employer, you can ensure that your employees can relax this coming Christmas? Even if they have to work during Christmas. In this article we will provide a number of tips. And we at IGO Promo also have a number of ideal products that can contribute to relaxation during Christmas. Read on quickly to find out more!

Start preparing in good time

Good preparation is half the battle. And that also applies when it comes to the preparations for Christmas, which is never too early. In the end, this will ensure that you yourself will be able to head off to Christmas in a more relaxed mood. Think about what you want to organise and what you are going to give as a gift. Did you know that many corporates start looking for a Christmas gift as early as May or June? Smaller companies usually do it in October or November. 
Tip: put together an advent calendar so your employees can count down to Christmas in a fun way. For example, send them a box with 25 surprises that they can open. And they don’t have to be big surprises. Think of a personalised notebook, a pen with print, a quiz question or fun quote. Something fun to unwrap every day!

Ensure that the surroundings are nicely decorated

A nice decoration of the shop or office building automatically creates the real Christmas feeling. Of course, a beautiful Christmas tree should not be missing, but there are many other ways to ensure an atmospheric decoration. Think of cosy lights, (electric) candles, and Christmas decorations. Put mugs with ‘Merry Christmas’ on them in the kitchen or canteen. That will immediately create a special atmosphere when employees drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate from them. Have your mugs printed by us at IGO Promo, you can also add your own logo.

Tip: get Christmas tree decorations, such as a ceramic star or a Christmas tree ornament, printed with your logo. Not only is it nice to hang up in the office Christmas trees, but also to give to your employees. That way, they can decorate the Christmas tree at home and at the same time create some branding.

Put together several products for a relaxing Christmas gift

But what are nice products to add, to make your employees relax? Think of relaxation in the broadest sense of the word. For example, how wonderful is it to sit on the couch in your bathrobe with a fleece blanket, with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate? And don’t forget about products for relaxing outdoors, such as wireless earbuds that you can wear while walking or running and dressing up extra warm with a sweater. Here at IGO Promo you can get all these products printed with your logo. That way your employees will not only be able to relax, but they will also contribute to the company’s branding. That way, you can add some nice products with a logo that your employees will be proud to wear or use.

 give your employees a day off that they can use to relax. This is a special Christmas gift that they will certainly appreciate!

Enjoy a nice meal together during a Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner

Let your employees relax with each other during a Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner. You can of course go to a restaurant, but with the right decorations at the office, you can also provide an atmospheric lunch or dinner. Go gourmet cooking together or let the employees who enjoy it, cook together. For many people, this is also a way to relax!

Tip: dress up the table for Christmas lunch or dinner with an attractive cheese boardwine coolerplates and glasses. You can also have all these products printed with your logo here at IGO Promo.

Organize a Christmas drinks party

Whereas last year many Christmas parties had to be held virtually, this year there is a good chance that they can be held ‘in real life’ again; take advantage of that as a company. It is nice if employees can see each other before the Christmas holidays or before the hustle and bustle of Christmas begins. And that doesn’t have to be just a Christmas drink, you can also think of Christmas activities such as a pub quiz, bingo or games evening.

Tip: did you know that you can also get Christmas hats with a logo printed, here at IGO Promo? Great to give away during a Christmas get-together!

Ensure relaxation at the office

Of course, all those cosy Christmas gifts and get-togethers provide for relaxation. But there are also other ways to ensure that your employees can really relax at the office. This can be done through meditation, yoga and stretching exercises! You don’t have to do this yourself, you can gift an hour with an instructor. They can also do the exercises at home, so that they come to the office a lot more refreshed. Two birds with one stone.
Tip: read also the article with 3 free sports apps and the tips to get your employees moving. After an hour of sport, they will immediately feel more relaxed.

Motivate your employees for the new year

Christmas is the ideal time to look ahead to the coming year and make sure that your employees not only relax during Christmas, but also start the new year with motivation. Encourage your employees to think about their good intentions and also see how you can respond to this as an employer. For example, add gifts to the Christmas package such as a personalised notebook, a writing set and an agenda. Or think of handy items for a healthy lunch at work such as a Mepal food container or a shaker to start the new year in a healthy way.
Tip: We at IGO Promo have listed even more healthy lunch tips in the article ‘How to encourage a healthy lunch at work. Feel free to share these with your employees!
As you can see that there are plenty of opportunities to ensure that your employees relax during Christmas and are motivated to start the new year again. 

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