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Inspiration: 10 original & practical office items

In our previous blog we gave smart tips for your office supplies such as using a smart system in which you keep track of your stock or choosing sustainable items. We have listed our top 10 office supplies for you, because these gadgets are not to be missed.

1. Coffee Based Notebook

The cover of this special CoffeeBased A5 notebook is made of coffee grounds and even smells like coffee. It is organic and naturally biodegradable material. The paper is also 100% recycled. Very environmentally friendly!

2. PaperPallet notepad

It’s always nice to have sheets of paper accessible for notes. And with this PaperPallet you can! We print the four sides of the notepad with your logo, so that your brand always stands out. Nice for the office, but also to use as a giveaway.

3. Package opener

With this compact and foldable package opener made of durable stainless steel you can open all packages safely and easily, without damaging the package. The opener can be engraved or printed with your logo as desired.

4. Ecork Pen Holder Wireless Charger

With this pen holder in cork, you can both charge the phone wirelessly or with a cable. It helps you keep it neat and tidy at your desk.

5. House memo pad

What’s more fun than a regular memo pad? A memo pad in the shape of a house! The house is made of recycled cardboard, the 300 sticky notes are made of recycled paper and the roof consists of coloured sticky notes.

6. Mouse pad with wireless charger

This is a multifunctional, wireless charging mouse pad, which can also be used as a telephone stand. And that’s not all, because the mouse pad is also made of environmentally friendly cork. Have this gadget printed with your logo.

7. LCD desk clock

This LCD desk clock not only looks special but is also made of special materials. The clock is made from 69% recycled material: RCS recycled plastic and FSCĀ® 100% bamboo. With LCD screen functions.

8. Milk-Carton Wire-O notebook

This is a notebook made of milk carton. A sustainable notebook with a cover made of recycled milk cartons with a handy pen loop, elastic closure, and a reading ribbon, with a strong wire-o binding. And of course plenty of room for your logo on the front.

9. Wooden pencil holder with luminous logo

With this wooden pencil holder your logo will literally and figuratively shine. Your logo on the front lights up when it’s connected. The pencil holder has 2 USB outputs for charging electronics.

10. Desk stand with seed kit

Send a green signal with this desk stand with seed kit. Yes, you read that right, we supply this desk stand with clover seeds and a tablet with potting soil, so that the clovers can grow in the stand!

In addition to this top 10, we of course have many more office supplies in our range. Would you like advice on printing the right product? Please contact our customer service or take a look at our website.

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