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How to encourage a healthy lunch at work

In a previous article we already touched on how important it is to get your employees in shape and to motivate them to stay healthy and fit. Especially with COVID-19 restricting our movements, our health has never been more important.  In addition to enough exercise, a healthy diet also plays a key role. And did you know that as an employer you can help with that, too? In this article we’ll explain how you can encourage your staff to eat a healthy lunch at work.

The importance of healthy employees

Most employers are well aware that healthy employees are essential for good work performance. Healthier employees also means lower absenteeism due to illness. Recognising the importance of healthy employees is a step in the right direction, but it’s even more important to actually do something with that knowledge. It’s an investment that in the end will pay dividends in more ways than one.

A healthy sandwich

Sandwiches for lunch doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘bad’ for your health, but it is important that the sandwiches you eat are nutritious. Whole-wheat bread is a lot healthier than white bread because it contains more fibre and minerals. Another thing you should pay attention to is healthy sandwich fillings. Sure, treat yourself to a sandwich that may be considered less healthy, but balance it out with a healthy sandwich filling.

Tip: make sure your employees can take sandwiches with them to work in a nice lunch box with logo. You won’t just make your employees happy, you’ll also build some brand awareness.

A varied lunch at work

Variety is important, and that’s particularly true for a healthy diet. That’s why you should always look at ways to add variety to your lunch. A delicious combination is a sandwich with a fresh salad and a boiled egg, or a bowl of yoghurt with fruit and granola. You can also share your own lunch recipes with colleagues and that way encourage each other to eat healthier. Or take what’s left from last night’s dinner in with you to work. Not only is it a quick and easy lunch, it also helps against wasting food.

Tip: it’s a good idea for companies to have a fridge at work to store food and a microwave to heat up any leftovers from the previous day. Does your company have a canteen or staff restaurant? You might want to look carefully at the menu to see if there are ways to make healthy meals more appealing. Or have a large bowl of fresh fruit in the office to give an extra incentive for a healthy snack.

Bring your own lunch to work

Working from home obviously means your fridge is just a few steps away. But if you’re on the road a lot or if you work on site, it’s easier to grab a quick and easy lunch like a sandwich, rather than a healthy salad or yoghurt. These days there are all kinds of handy products that make it a lot easier to take a varied and nutritious lunch with you to work. What about a Mepal lunch pot, an ideal airtight food container for holding yoghurt with granola or soup with croutons. Or take a delicious fresh smoothie with you in a shaker cup. The Mepal brand has a very wide range of products to keep your lunch fresh. And a cooler bag can also come in handy to make sure your lunch stays cool.

Tip: send your employees a nice package with lunch products combined with healthy food tips or recipes. Or organise a cooking workshop so they can serve a tasty, healthy dish in the evening too.

More exercise is also vital

We all know that, besides a healthy diet, getting enough exercise is incredibly important. And combining exercise with lunch is easy to do. You can organise a walk during the lunch break, for example, or challenge people who work from home to walk regularly. Organise a challenge among the staff: who will be the first to reach a certain distance in kilometres? Read these and more great tips in the article ‘How to get your employees moving’. 

The above tips will help you on your way to preparing and eating a healthier lunch every day. And as an employer, you can look at how you can inspire your employees to enjoy a healthy lunch at work. The options are endless!

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