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Goodiebags as an optimal promotional tool

Who doesn’t love to get a nice goodie bag? Goodie bags are more than just a ‘must have’. Handing out a goodie bag can be part of a successful marketing strategy to make extra promotion for your brand, name or company. To help you on your way, in this article we tell you everything about goodie bags and how you can use them optimally.

What is a goodie bag?

A goodie bag is a bag filled with various promotional items. Think of test products, giveaways with a logo on them and/or flyers and vouchers.

For example, you can give away such a filled goodie bag for free at certain events or as a premium when purchasing certain products or tickets. Your own creativity is the limit of how and where you can put a goodie bag. Also always think about the moment when you give it away. In which phase of the purchase or service is the recipient? What goal do you want to achieve and how does the goodie bag support this? All things to consider when filling and giving this giveaway.

Goodie bags or goody bags?

Always good to dot the i’s and cross the t’s: some people doubt whether the correct spelling of the word is goodiebag or goodybag. The correct spelling is ‘goodie bag’. This is because it is a combination of the words ‘goodies’ and ‘bag’ or a bag with goodies.

Goodie bags for events

You can use a goodie bag in various ways to enhance promotion during events. Hand them out to the visitors of a trade fair, for example. Not only does this increase the brand awareness of your event, but you can also offer sponsors the opportunity to promote themselves by adding an item to your goodie bag. That makes it even more attractive to be a sponsor.

Do you want more visitors to visit your stand during a trade fair? Then you can hand out a goodie bag there or raffle on registration if it is a bit more expensive. Or think of a goodie bag for the children or prospective students who visit the open day of your school. Whether the ladies are present at a Ladies Night! There is a nice goodie bag for every target group.

Thank you for (new) customers

Do you have a new customer who buys a product from you? Give a small goodie bag as a thank you and you immediately leave a good impression. Or think of a special promotion where you will receive a goodie bag as a gift when purchasing certain products. There is a good chance that you will get more visitors to your webshop or store as a result. When you have the logo of your store or webshop printed on the goodie bag and/or products in the goodie bag, you also ensure extra visibility of your brand. This way you get the investment out of it twice.

Determining time, place and purpose

As we have already indicated, it is important to think about what goal you want to achieve with a goodie bag. Is it an ‘icing on the cake’ for someone who has made a purchase? Then you can fill the goodie bag with sample products or a small gift, for example. This increases the chance of a repeat purchase and it ensures good word-of-mouth advertising.

Do you want to convince a customer when issuing a quote or a large purchase that the customer wants to think about? Even then, a goodie bag is a great incentive to let the customer go home with a good feeling and to keep your brand or company in the picture after the consultation.

Generate leads with promotional material? Also a good idea! If you have an open day or a trade fair, you can raffle a richly filled bag with business gifts in exchange for leaving business contact details. Make sure that the content is really well filled, so that more people want to participate.

In short, first consider what goal you want to achieve before you determine the content and the moment of giving. This is how you achieve the maximum return.

What do you put in goodie bags?

Now you know different ways in which you can use a goodie bag, but what do you actually put in a goodie bag? The correct answer is: this also depends on the purpose of your goodie bag, for which action or event you will use it and for which target group. Think smartly about products, flyers and/or vouchers that really benefit recipients.

For example, think of practical items such as a notebook with a logo or a printed pen. But you can also think of other fun giveaways, such as a stress ball, USB stick or water bottle. Depending on the budget, you can make the content as expensive as you want. And it really doesn’t have to be all relevant to the subject of the promotion or event, feel free to add something tasty or funny to make the recipient extra happy.

Where do you put the goodies in?

It is not only important to think carefully about the contents of a goodie bag, but also about the outside or the goodie bag itself. IGO offers goodie bags in different sizes. For example, consider a shopping bag with a logo in which you can store many goodies. It can be made of different materials such as plastic, felt or cork. The cotton carrier bags are popular for goodie bags, which will also be worn with great pleasure after the action or event. And that, with your logo on it, ensures walking advertising!

With the help of the above tips you can optimally use goodie bags for your promotion. With the right goodie bag you make the recipients happy anyway!

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