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Encourage healthy habits while promoting your brand

Good marketing campaigns, if done properly, can have a great impact on your brand’s perception. 
While there’s no secret formula, there are a few factors that might help you achieve this goal.
Associating your brand with healthy habits is one of them.

A fresh new start! 🎊

New year, new resolutions!
It’s quite common to set up new healthy goals at the beginning of each year: joining a gym, going for a run more often, drinking more water, etc.
Encourage your clients, suppliers and employees to fulfill their fitness goals with useful promotional products.
Let them see your brand as a friendly partner that cares about them and will help them overcome even the hardest challenges 
– yes, hitting the gym after Christmas holidays is definitely a true challenge.

Give them useful items that they will need when pursuing their goals: 
a customised sports bag for gym lovers, a pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones for running lovers. 
Just make sure your logo is printed and visible, so they’ll get reminded of your brand anywhere they go!

And of course: personalised sports water bottles are a must as well! 
Remind them to stay hydrated, especially after long training sessions! 
Among the many benefits of drinking water, we can find: 
controlling weight, increasing energy levels, preventing depressive disorders or having a better skin.

Team-up! 💪

Getting in good shape after the holidays can be really hard, especially if done alone.
Encourage team activities to make any fitness exercises far more enjoyable.
Besides, the more people joining, the wider the reach of your brand promotion.
“The more, the merrier!”.

Promotional clothing is ideal for all cases. 
Either if you promote sports outdoor activities, such as jogging, hiking or sailing; 
or indoors, like going to the gym, there will always be a piece of branded apparel that will fit your customers, suppliers or employees’ needs.
Bonus tip! 

Company sports teams are great for team building.
Gather your colleagues to join a company league and show your competitors who’s the best. 
Just make sure you’re wearing proper personalised sportswear, so everybody will recognize your winning brand!

Stay healthy, also at home 🥦

All your sports efforts will be (almost) worthless unless you take care of your diet as well.
We don’t need to be nutritionists to know that – and neither do you!
Key to success number 3: encourage healthy habits in the kitchen as well. 
Cooking items, such as knife sets and cutting boards, make the perfect business gift. 
Give them away to customers, suppliers and employees as a token of appreciation and show them that you care about them!

Cooking at home has multiple benefits:
it contributes to eat healthier, reduces the calorie consumption, saves you money, 
boosts your confidence (at least if you manage to cook your meals without burning the entire kitchen!) and it’s a good stress reliever.

More than just raising awareness

Promotional products and business gifts are great marketing tools to raise awareness. 
Create a positive impact by associating your brand with healthy habits, such as fitness goals, team sports activities and home cooking.
You’ll improve your brand’s perception and, more importantly, will help your customers, suppliers and employees to achieve their New Year’s resolutions and have a healthier life!

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