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Tips for buying earbuds or headphones with a logo!

In recent years, technology has developed a lot and the world has become increasingly digitalized. People are on the road a lot and often use headphones or earbuds in public, when talking to a friend, listening to their favorite music or a good podcast. But it is also impossible to imagine offices with flexible workplaces without them. That is why it is very popular to give this as a gift to your employees or business partners.

In addition to the standard headphones that completely cover your ears, you now also have several smaller options on the market. And did you know that IGO Promo prints headphones with logos? In this blog we give you tips for choosing and having the right earbuds or headphones printed as a gift.

The first decision: Headphones or earbuds

There are endless options when it comes to headphones and earbuds. Do you rather choose headphones that you wear on your head, or would you prefer an in-ear variant? This is very individual and depends on the use of them. Of course, both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so let us explain a few differences for you:

Headphones eliminate the ambient noise better, depending on the positioning on your ears. It can be ‘on’ or ‘around’ your ears. This variant also has the advantage that it causes little or no discomfort for your ears, so listening to music for hours is no problem. In addition, the headband ensures that the headphones stay in place. A disadvantage is that it is clearly visible and takes up some space in your backpack.

Earbuds, on the other hand, are lighter and give you more freedom of movement, especially when you choose a wireless variant. For example, if you are in a car or on a bicycle, this option is not a limitation for you. Earbuds are also of a smaller size, making them easy to bring with you. This way you can stay up to date with the latest song and talk to a friend while being in public. 😉

Printed wireless earbuds or would you rather have earbuds with a cable?

Headphones or earbuds with a cable are almost unique these days, and thanks to today’s Bluetooth technology, you are no longer in need of a cable. But they are certainly still available. It can be useful for some occasions to use earbuds with a cable, for example when making a lot of phone calls, participate in longer meetings or seminars, where the headphones must be able to last for many hours. In that case, a cable could be well needed.

Within our range, you have the option of buying headphones or earbuds with your logo on.

Useful functions: Noise Cancelling

Electronics continues to develop and introduce new functions. Charging has become easier, the operating time has increasing and even soundproofing options are possible. For example, new variants sometimes offer the function of noise cancelling. Meaning, the surrounding noise is dampened by an anti-noise system, so you don’t have to turn up the volume in a busy environment. And that is better for your ears. The price of this will of course be somewhat higher, but there is a increased performance in return.

At IGO you will also find earbuds and headphones with cable, which are interesting in terms of price. But our range also includes noise canceling earbuds from the Motorola brand. Due to the wide range, there are suitable items to personalize for everyone and every budget.

Personalize your favorite with a logo!

To make your gift even more unique, you can have headphones or earbuds printed with your own logo at IGO. For example, you can provide the headphones with a logo or message on the sides and on top of the band. You can also have your logo printed on earbuds with various printing options such as pad printing and digital printing.

Which headphones or earbuds are you going for?

Due to the increased use of such products in the business world, printed earbuds or headphones are a perfect gift to give to employees, business associates or customers. Consider the different options and have your favorite headphones printed with your logo!

Having some problems? No worries! Feel free to contact us and we will help you find a suitable option.

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