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This is how you create a vector file

When requesting your logo and files to be delivered digitally, we prefer to receive a vector file. This is needed to ensure that your print can be printed beautifully on our products. This article will explain how to supply a vector file, what a vector file is and what it is needed for. 

What is a vector file?

A vector file is a graphic image that maintains high quality regardless of size adjustments, allowing for infinite enlargement or reduction. This exceptional scalability is attributed to its composition of vectors, which are defined by starting and ending points, forming intricate lines and shapes.

The counterpart of a vector file is a pixel file. In contrast, a pixel file relies on small squares, known as pixels, to construct a graphic image. Common file formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or PSD fall into this category. However, enlarging a pixel file excessively results in a noticeable decline in image quality. This is where the superiority of vector files shines through, as it consistently uphold image integrity irrespective of size changes.

Vector files stand out as the preferred choice for printing and promotional items due to its inherent advantage of maintaining quality, making it an ideal solution for various visual applications.

How do you recognize a vector file?

You can recognize a vector file by its file type. So, you can assume that a JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or PSD is never actually an image consisting of vectors. When you see a file type such as PDF, AI, EPS or SVG, you can often assume that the file is made from vectors. However, there are always exceptions. You can always check it by enlarging the file of your logo. Does the quality remain good? Then the logo is made up of vectors.

Distinguishing a vector file from a raster file can often be inferred from its file type. Common raster formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, or PSD typically indicate images composed of pixels rather than vectors. Conversely, file types like PDF, AI, EPS, or SVG often suggest a vector-based composition. Nevertheless, exceptions exist.

A reliable way to confirm the vector nature of a file is to perform a practical test, especially when dealing with logos. Enlarging the file and assessing the sustained quality is a god test for vector composition. If the quality remains crisp and clear, it confirms the use of vectors in the creation of the logo, ensuring scalability without compromising image integrity.

What do you need a vector file for?

At IGO Promo, we’re thrilled to collaborate with you on creating exceptional business gifts, promotional items, and clothing. To ensure the highest quality in our printing techniques and materials, we kindly request a vector file of your logo and/or text.

Whether for printing or digital applications, utilizing a vector file ensures that your logo maintains its high-quality representation, embodying the standards of excellence that define IGO.

Create your own vector file

If your logo was designed by a graphic designer, contact them for the vector file. If not, you have two options for vectorizing your logo:

  1. Create a Vector File with Design Software: Use programs like Adobe Illustrator to manually recreate your logo as a vector file.
  2. Convert a Pixel File to Vector: Use specialized software or online tools to automatically convert your pixel-based image to a vector format. Keep in mind that some manual adjustments may be needed for optimal quality.

1. Create a Vector File with a Graphics Program:

To generate a vectorized file, employ a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator. This tool is optimal for crafting EPS or PDF vector files. The process involves tracing or drawing the pixel image using lines within Adobe Illustrator. Proficiency in the program is recommended and be aware that this option requires a time investment.

2. Convert a Pixel File to a Vector File:

While you can’t directly save a JPG as an EPS, the key is transforming the file into vectors. For a cost-effective solution, explore free online tools like Autotracer or Convertio. Keep in mind that the quality of the vector file may vary for each image you convert. It’s worth trying, but results are contingent on the complexity of the original image.

Have a promotional gift printed with your logo!

After reviewing the information above, are you considering printing a promotional gift with your logo? At IGO, we’re prepared to assist you! Our collection is constantly evolving, featuring the latest in promotional products and sustainable alternatives. If you encounter challenges vectorizing your logo to achieve high quality, reach out to us. Our DTP department is here to support you. Ensuring the delivery of a top-quality product is our priority.

Explore the diverse possibilities to elevate your business with promotional products or business gifts from IGO Promo. We look forward to helping you make a lasting impression!

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