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The Christmas gift trends for 2023: we list them!

At IGO Promo, we believe that the spirit of giving deserves ample time and consideration. This holiday season, make your gift-giving experience memorable by starting early with Christmas gifts that are both thoughtful and unique. Explore our curated selection of promotional products, personalized items, and branded merchandise to spread the holiday cheer in style. To help you take a step in the right direction, we have listed the trends that you will certainly see in the IGO range in the upcoming Christmas season.

Why are you giving a Christmas gift?

Everyone likes to get a surprise. With a Christmas gift, you as an employer show your appreciation for the efforts made in the past year and motivate your employees to get back to it in the coming year. This is of course possible with a traditional Christmas gift, but nowadays there are many more possibilities to surprise your employees. The trends in this blog will help you choose the best gift for 2023. Also read the article with the answers to frequently asked questions about Christmas gifts.

When is the right time?

As with any order, timing depends enormously on the number employees or relations you need to give Christmas gifts, as well as the product you choose. Be aware that some products, like chocolates or other edible gifts, often require a production time so you can’t start early enough and avoid disappointment. At IGO we will start with the first gifts on our website in August. Large companies are often already busy arranging these matters, especially if the festive season is a busy peak for your company. Then you don’t have time at all to arrange this for 500+ people in November. And that is also our advice: don’t leave this task until the end of the year!

You will see these trends again!

In our industry, we ensure that we collect information and start researching trends to make sure we offer the most beautiful Christmas gifts for you to give to your customers and other relations.

We have listed some of these trends for you:

In the mood for food

In the mood for food, who isn’t? Household- or kitchen items are changing into the new fashion statement and are becoming more important and creative every day. For many households, the kitchen has become a central place in the home where coziness and creativity come together. An evening of drinks with your friends, discussing the day with your family or discovering new flavours. Moments where love for food is central. View our full range of kitchen items here.

A coffee bar at home

Coffee bars are a real trend. Different types of beans, types of milk or flavours of syrup: a true coffee corner for your home. And because it’s becoming increasingly popular to work from home, many homes now have an office in the attic or garage. And to be able to work there just as optimally as in the office, a nice cup of coffee is of course a must. A nice idea is to put together a coffee package for the holidays. Fill a Christmas package with, for example, a nice mug printed with your logo, an advent calendar or a double-walled tea glass.

The cocktail trend is growing

Drinking cocktails during a night out or party is a real trend. These stylish drinks are associated with luxury, are the perfect addition to a pleasant evening with friends, and can be enjoyed in many variants! There are many flavors and toppings to experiment with and do a tasting. Mocktails are increasingly popular, just as tasty but without alcohol. And to top it off, enjoying a good cocktail at home with family, friends or colleagues is a very social activity! View all cocktail items at IGO.

Warm winter

Since the corona pandemic, socializing and being together is more important than ever. Together in front of the fireplace with a thick sweater on. Or a hot cup of coca after a walk outside. The winter days are cold and chilly but can also be warm and cozy with a lovely Christmas gift. For example, give a wonderfully soft blanket or a package to make the most delicious chocolate milk.

Be inspired by these Christmas gift trends in 2023 and surprise your employees with an original Christmas gift. Do you need help with the choice? Please feel free to contact us.

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