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Black Friday 2021: tips for your marketing!

Black Friday 2021 is coming! On Friday 26 November, many online shops and stores will once again be presenting their most competitive offers. And as a company you can’t really lag behind. But how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you get even more out of this day in terms of marketing? We give a number of useful Black Friday tips in this article. And, of course, IGO Promo also has a great Black Friday promotion. Read on to find out more.

Start preparing well in advance

Although Friday, November 26 still seems far away, it is a good idea to start preparing well in advance for the Black Friday campaign in 2021. Think about what deals you want to pair with Black Friday this year. People count on really good deals, so make sure you don’t disappoint your target audience either. The more original and sharp the actions are, the better. In addition, make a schedule for promoting these offers.

Get inspired by the Black Friday promotions of others

Take a look at the Black Friday campaigns of other companies and draw inspiration from them for your own Black Friday campaign in 2021. Think about how you can distinguish yourself from the ‘standard’ Black Friday actions. There are companies who use Black Friday not only to boost their own sales but also to support charities by donating part of their sales to them. And next to your Black Friday offers, you can also take advantage of this day in a funny way. 

Send a Black Friday newsletter

For promoting Black Friday deals, a newsletter is a very good tool. For example, make people curious by indicating that they can expect some good Black Friday deals. Send a newsletter about a week before Black Friday, a day in advance and in the morning on the day itself. That way, they certainly can’t forget to take advantage of the special Black Friday deals.

Make it a Black Weekend

More and more often Black Friday is extended throughout the weekend, Friday through Sunday. In other words, make it a ‘Black Weekend’. And why shouldn’t you? A Black Friday weekend ensures that your customers have time to look at the offers and to buy. Not everyone has the opportunity to shop on Friday.

Go for Green Friday

There are many ways for a company to do its part for the environment. To draw more attention to the climate during Black Friday, Green Friday was created. As a company you can also choose to give discounts on your sustainable, green products during Black Friday. In this way you create a ‘Green Friday’ yourself. Take a look at the range of sustainable products from IGO Promo.

Boost your Black Friday campaign

Think carefully about which Black Friday campaigns you will set up in 2021 to generate exposure for your Black Friday offers. You can, for example, use Google AdWords and Google Display ads. But you can also boost your offers through Facebook or Instagram. Also look at the possibilities to retarget visitors who haven’t bought anything (yet). This way they are reminded and might buy something after all.

Create a special action page

Make sure you have a special action page well in advance on which all your Black Friday 2021 offers are clearly visible. By doing this well in advance, you also ensure that Google can include this page in its search results. If your offers are not yet known, you can also place a teaser so that you give your visitors an idea of what they can expect on Black Friday. For example, IGO Promo also has a promotion page for Black Friday in 2021.

Give a Black Friday gift with every order

Black Friday is of course known for its discount promotions. But you can (in addition to discounts) also come up with a promotion where you give a gift with every order. This triggers your target group even more to order something. Think about a nice gadget like a power bank with logo or a free printed cotton bag. This way you make your Black Friday action even more interesting!

Take part in Cyber Monday

Black Friday is over, and now what? Then move on to Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday is the name for the Monday after Black Friday. This year that is on Monday, November 29. This day actually originated as a counterpart to Black Friday. Originally, Black Friday was a day when only “real” stores had discounts. That’s why online shops created ‘Cyber Monday’. But nowadays it is more of an extension of Black Friday. So make sure you make use of it!

With these tips, you can make Black Friday 2021 even more of a success! Would you like to further promote your brand using printed products and do you need help with this? Then get in touch with the staff at IGO Promo. We would be happy to help you stand out even more and make your marketing a success.


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