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Anniversary gifts for companies: tips for great gifts

If an employee has been employed by your company for a certain number of years, then it is good for you as an employer to pay attention to this. You can do that with a nice drink, which makes for an unforgettable memory. An anniversary gift also provides a tangible memory. The recipient of this special gift thinks back to this positive moment again and again. So you link a positive memory to your company. Enough reasons to give such an anniversary gift. But then what do you give? To help you, we have listed a number of tips for nice company anniversary gifts in this article.

Printed anniversary gifts

The first tip when it comes to anniversary gifts for companies is to have the gifts printed with your company’s logo. Nowadays there is a lot of choices when it comes to nice gifts that can be printed. Having these products printed provides an extra personal touch. The logo immediately catches the eye, so you indirectly also increase brand awareness. Especially when the recipient shows the company anniversary gift to others!

Luxury pen sets

A luxury pen set is a very practical gift for a company anniversary. A gift that the recipient will certainly use often. A luxury pen set often consists of a set with two pens in a luxury gift box. Printing pens with a logo is possible, but pens made of ABS, stainless steel or aluminum can also be engraved with the logo. An engraving provides an extra chic look.


A watch is also a beautiful and timeless gift for a company anniversary. And did you know that printing watches with a logo is possible? Depending on the type of watch, this can be done on the dial, the back or the strap. You wear a watch every day, so that your brand comes into the picture more often with the recipient. And whether it’s a sporty watch with a pedometer or an extra chic one: everything is possible. Whatever you choose: a printed watch is in any case a special gift for, for example, a 25th company anniversary, 30 years or perhaps 40 years.

Wine accessories

Wine accessories always works well as an anniversary gift for companies, because a work anniversary is a great moment to toast. Think of a wine cooler, a cork screw or wine sets. And to make it extra personal, it is also possible to print them with your logo, the name of the recipient and / or a personal message. How special is it to receive a wine accessory with your own name on it as an anniversary gift? Or opt for a beautiful wooden gift box with space for several bottles of wine or some nice wine glasses. Enough possibilities to put together your own gift.

Various gift sets

In addition to the tips mentioned, it is also nice to give a gift set as an anniversary gift for companies. There are many different types of gift sets available. Think of a chocolate gift box or a set with practical items such as a leather wallet and a ballpoint pen. In addition to the ready-made gift sets, it is of course also possible to put together a set yourself. Choose a bag, backpack or trolley and fill it with a number of items. This way you really have a unique gift for an anniversary!

Sustainable anniversary gifts

You can also contribute to the environment when it comes to anniversary gifts. Various sustainable anniversary gifts are available. Think of gifts that reduce the amount of plastic waste or that are made from reusable or recycled materials. IGO Promo has a wide range of sustainable gifts, including products from Clipper Interall. You can read more about this in the article ‘Are you aware of our range of sustainable products?‘. More sustainable tips? Then read the article ‘Step by step towards a sustainable company’.

Thank you on several occasions

A company anniversary is an ideal time to put an employee in the spotlight. This not only provides a bit of appreciation, but also extra motivation to get back to work. There are many more moments that are ideal for surprising your employees. Consider, for example, giving a christmas gift. But there are also different moments to say thank you. Think of when an employee quit or when a project reaches a certain milestone. And how about spontaneously giving a nice gift? That creates an extra surprising effect!

With the help of the above tips, you will at least have enough inspiration to come up with a nice gift for a company anniversary. Whether it’s a 5-year company anniversary, 10 years or 40 years: there is always a nice gift to be found. Do you need help with the choice? The IGO Promo team is happy to think along with you for the perfect gift.

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