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75th Anniversary Celebration!

Where it all started

IGO Promo is an international company currently active in 13 European markets, that has been specializing in promotional products for more than 75 years. IGO Promo had humble roots, but here is the story of how we’ve grown into what we are today.

The founder of IGO Promo, Martien Jonkers, was one of the first to start a company in the Netherlands in 1945 that focused on pens printed with advertisements. He did this under the name ‘Jonkers Handelsonderneming’. Luckily for us, it turned out to be a success! However, in 1961 the name was officially changed to IGO, International Gifts Organisation. This is where the foundation is laid for our current services: printing promotional gifts for entrepreneurs.

The development towards IGO Post

Martien was a real businessman who was constantly looking to improve and expand his range of office supplies. He knew exactly which products were in demand in the market and became fascinated by a new approach to the market, namely selling catalogs. The well-known IGO Post was born from this, and the company continued to grow.

When asked how he was able to achieve such impressive growth for his company, Martien Jonkers answered “You have to have good ideas, find the right people to work with, and those people have to occupy the right seats in your company”. These words still apply to this day.

Since the 1980s, IGO Promo has expanded in Europe with offices in Belgium and France. Today we are active in 13 markets: namely the Netherlands, Belgium, Wallonia, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, and England.

IGO Promo!

Times change, and so have we – and at some point, we changed our brand name to IGO Promo, which better fit the digital age we live in. This came with a complete overhaul of our corporate identity. Today we are an international e-commerce company with a rich history and long-time expertise in the world of business gifts and relationship-building.

We invest a lot of time and energy in building personal relationships and always keep a close eye on the interests of our customers. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to strengthen their brand. We do this by guiding them personally through the process, step by step. We believe it is important to deliver quality products and to remain authentic. Giving has been in our DNA for more than 75 years, and we are proud of that!

Curious how we have been trying to make a difference for more than 75 years?

We believe it is important to build and maintain relationships with the help of promotional gifts. For example, how do you ensure that you are visible as a company in these times? Perhaps through a sustainable initiative. For example, we choose to prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility by donating a percentage of every order to plant trees. We do this in collaboration with One Tree Planted, and have already planted 26.231 trees! We also work with Senzer, a company that supports people with a distance to the labor market to integrate into jobs in which they can grow.

Our core values; informal, easy, supportive, personal and quality, therefore, fit us perfectly.

A sustainable mission

Our mission is to make it easy for brands to express themselves through personalised gifts. Because it is so important to do business responsibly, we are continuously expanding our sustainable range. We look at the sustainable production process and materials. This way we know for sure that we sell the right products.

We also work on sustainable relationships with our employees. Did you know that our staff has worked at IGO for an average of 5.9 years? We attach great importance to people and society, and we owe our success to them. Every employee contributes their knowledge, experience, and talents to IGO. We encourage our employees by giving them the freedom to develop within our organisation.

Just like that

Since we started in 1945, our mission has always remained the same; personalising and simplifying the act of giving. Just like that. By offering our customers personal service on a daily basis, delivering good quality, and providing promotional gifts that make an impression, we remain true to our mission. We support companies to strengthen their brand with printed promotional products. With our wide range of promotional products and business gifts, there is always a perfect match. Our experienced employees guide our customers through the process step by step.

We understand the power of giving. And most importantly, we encourage our customers to give their employees and relations something too. We have 500.000 satisfied customers for a reason!

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