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10 smart tips for good customer service

How do you ensure that customers not only buy something or purchase services, but also return as a customer of your firm? By offering good service! If you go that extra mile, there is a good chance that your customer will remember this for their next purchase. Providing excellent customer service sets you apart from your competitors. With this you can really make a difference. There are several smart ways in which you can provide extra good customer service. In this article we list them.

1. Get to know your customer

The first step to good customer service is getting to know your customer. What do your customers need? What ways do they prefer to get in touch? What are the frequently asked questions regarding your products or services? You can find this out by interviewing a number of (potential) customers and drawing up a profile of the ideal customer, so-called ‘buyer personas’. This profile forms the basis for your marketing and communication activities and therefore also for the way in which you will organize your customer service.

2. Ensure good reception

When it comes to good service, this is not just about good service afterwards or after-sales, but this starts with a good reception. Do you have a store or an office building where you have (potential) customers come visiting? Then make sure that he or she is warmly welcomed. Offer them a cup of coffee or tea in a printed mug with your logo on it and put out a bowl of sweets at the counter. This way your brand will immediately be remembered, and it is the little things that matter.

3. Offer extra service upon departure

There are also smart ways to provide extra service upon departure. For example, place umbrellas at the exit for rainy days. And with your logo on the umbrella, you immediately provide extra promotion in a smart way in the rain. Hand out bottles of water and give delicious, printed chocolate after the first appointment. Because who doesn’t love chocolate? This way you leave a good first impression.

4. Be easily accessible

If you know your customers well, you also know how they prefer to contact you. This can be by chat, email and/or telephone. Make sure you are easily accessible and respond quickly. It would of course be ideal if you were available 24/7, but that is not always possible. But make sure that you communicate clearly when you can be reached and what the response time is when your customers contact you by email or chat.

5. Have fun giveaways printed

Everyone likes to get something and that’s why giveaways work so well. Give something away after purchasing a product, after a visit to the store, at the end of the year or just because you are happy with the customer. Have the giveaways printed with your logo and/or a message and it is instantly an effective marketing tool. For example, view the range of printed giveaways and goodies from IGO Promo and choose a nice product to give away. There is plenty of choices!

6. Make it personal

Get to know each customer personally. Consider recording names and topics of conversation that you can refer to (in accordance with the applicable privacy rules). You may be thinking: I can’t do that for every customer. But there are smart ways to do that too. For example, record the conversations using a CRM and use the information to really help your customer. For a personal approach, also consider sending a personal card and addressing the customer personally in an email instead of sending a general email.

7. Surprise them at unexpected moments

Of course, customers and relations are happy when they receive a gift at the end of the year, but why not surprise them at several times? For example, think of a nice present for the start of the summer holidays, for Easter or Christmas. Or choose a truly unexpected moment, when no one expects it. Then you will stand out and be remembered!

8. Acknowledge mistakes

It can always happen that you make a mistake. But then take responsibility for that. If you don’t do anything with it, it can be very damaging to your reputation. But you can also solve it beyond expectations and do something extra. This way you turn your mistakes into something positive and the customer will appreciate that. For example, give something away or let the customer benefit from a significant discount on their next order. This means there is a greater chance that the customer will stick around.

9. Ask if your customer is satisfied

For good customer service, it is important to ask if the customer is satisfied. Not everyone will let you know if something is not going satisfactorily directly. By staying in touch with the customer, you find out where any bottlenecks are, and you can respond to them and thus provide extra service in time. This can simply be done by calling the customer or sending a digital questionnaire.

10. Also consider after-sales service

Many companies make the mistake of discontinuing service once the product or service has been sold or delivered. But think carefully about the service after the purchase or after-sales. Ask if everything went well and if there are any uncertainties. This will make the customer feel extra appreciated and may be more likely to make a next purchase.

Using the tips above, you can start improving your customer service in a smart way. Would you like to use printed items as part of the service? Then IGO Promo is happy to help you. View the offer or contact us and we will be happy to help!

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