Top 10 promotional products for your office

Top 10 promotional products for your office

Top 10 Promotional Products For Your Office

Working in an office can be tough. Long days behind the best, exhausting meetings, deadlines … but don’t worry! Here is a list over our top 10 promotional products that is guaranteed to make your workday better.

These imprinted products will not only improve your employees’ motivation to work, but will also help you promote your logo everywhere they go.

Let’s dive right in!

10. Headphones

Important deadlines as far as you can see, emails you have to answer, or a tough day at home. Whatever the case, sometimes you just need to relax and be yourself. What better way than to turn the world off, and the music on? Check these headphones out.

9. Personalized Mugs

People love coffee.
This is a fact.
You know it.
Personalized coffeemugs – a must have for every office.

8. Webcam covers

Cyber-security and privacy are two important and sensitive questions. Make sure your coworkers feel safe at their computer, by covering up their desktop and laptop cameras’, with webcam covers. If Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, does it, then why shouldn’t we?

7. USB-C Adapters

Fewer and fewer computers are shipped with standard USB-ports. Apple started shipping their new MacBooks with USB-C for the first time back in 2016. Since then, more companies have followed. A lot more. Yet, we still run around with standard USB-devices that are essential to our work, such as flash drives and thumb drives (even disk readers). So, whether or not you’re carrying around a MacBook at your office (or plan to buy one), you need USB-C adapters. Or, allow us to do you one better: USB-C Multihub. All your connection needs fulfilled by one compact hub.

6. Wireless Charging Devices

Want to future-proof your office? Well, in that case, we bring you: wireless charging devices. More and more phones come equipped with wireless charging. In the near future, most phones will have wireless charging capabilities, same goes for tablets, mice and keyboards. Besides, we all hate wires. Right?

5. Post-it Notes

Wonder what your brainstorming sessions might look like without small, beautiful, creativity-inducing post-it notes? Aghhh! Stop! You don’t have to – IGO Promo to the rescue. Don’t miss out on this essential product for your office. Besides, let’s not forget about post-it artwork.

4. USB-Flashdrives

Now, you’re probably thinking: But hold on a second IGO Promo, we live in 2018, everything is in the cloud… Well, thats true, kind of. USB-Flashdrives are still very much existent, and reliable partners in everyday business life, for both storing and sharing of important documents. If you’ve spent a day in an office you already know everything’s not as fancy and modern as in the movies. You know it’s true. Aaaaaand, that’s why you should consider this product.

3. Water Bottles

Drink enough fluids. It’s important.  Also, keep an eye of your coworkers, don’t let them dehydrate on your watch. Water bottles are easily one of the most popular giveaways (and for good reasons) that we see. On top of staying hydrated in style, you’re doing mother nature a service. Yes, you’re an environmental hero. We suggest celebrating this with a large bottle of icecold water.

2. Notebooks

Despite living in a digital world. There is still something special about jotting stuff down on paper. Oh, the sweet feeling of watching ideas materialize on paper in front of you, to the sound of crisp paper feeling the weight of ink sinking into it, to be saved forever, in your own personalized notebook holding the great ideas of your mind. Anyway… Notebooks – not only are they perfect for note-taking and doodling, they can even improve your concentration and help alleviate physical stress. At least according to an institution called Harvard.

In short, notebooks are super cool, get them because you will need them.

1. Pens

That’s right! I bet you already saw this coming. Pens with print is the no. 1 promotional product. Period. They’re functional, economical, and easy to carry around. In an office-environment they’re also very practical. Together with notebooks you have a dynamic duo at your hands! We suggest using pens for: note-taking, brainstorming, doodling, or our personal favorite, writing your initials on your new employee contract (obviously with a big increase in your salary).

Let’s say it like this, always make sure you have promotional pens handy at the office.

Want more?

If none of the products above satisfies your needs (I doubt it), then consider checking out our product of the month — guaranteed to spice things up at the office!

5 Ways to motivate your team after the holidays

5 Ways to motivate your team after the holidays

How To Motivate Your Team | 5 Ways From IGO Promo

How to motivate your team you ask? Trust us, we know that getting back on track after holidays can be a delicate issue. Some employees might feel overwhelmed, others might suffer post-holidays blues. Some might even reevaluate their position and start looking out for new opportunities.
As team leader, you need to keep your employees happy and motivated. Here’s a list of 5 ways to motivate your team after their holiday break.

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

After a few weeks out of the office, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with all the work waiting at your desk. Some things might remain the same, but some others might have changed. It is important to tackle these issues before they turn into a problem.
Schedule meetings with your employees. Ask them about their holidays. Tell them what has happened during their absence. And, especially, make sure they don’t get stressed out because of their return to the office.

2. Create a good office environment

A happy office usually means a happy team.
Get some neat promotional products to decorate your workplace and improve your employees’ quality of life: a water bottle to keep them hydrated, a nice mug to drink their morning coffee or a cool pen to take notes and don’t forget anything!
A nice -and branded- environment will make their return to the office a more enjoyable experience!

3. Organize activities for your team

Work is important. But team-building activities are essential to strengthen the relationship with your employees and keep them motivated.
Gather your team and go for a drink -or two- after working hours.
Do you like practicing sports? Create a sports team and join a friendly tournament with your colleagues. You can also order customized t-shirts with your company logo to get a more professional vibe.
Do you prefer some more original activities? Go and solve mysteries in an Escape Room or release tension in a laser tag or paintball game. But be suspicious if all your employees gather forces to go after you…

4. Recognize a job well-done

Do you want to keep your team motivated? Give them credit for a job well-done!
As team leader, you have to be aware of your employees’ work and be ready to let them know when they did good.
With just a few words like “congratulations” or “great job!”, you can make your team feel proud of their achievements and motivated to keep up with their work. Quite easy, right?

5. Reward your team with corporate gifts

Getting a verbal recognition is good. But what if it comes with a gift? Even better!
Corporate gifts are a very effective way of keeping your team motivated. You give your employees a cool promotional item that they will appreciate and, on top of this, they do free advertisement of your brand.
Here’s an example: Eric is a passionate runner. He has finished his two-week break and has to get back to sitting at his desk eight hours a day. However, when he returns to the office, the first thing he sees on his desk is a box with a couple of wireless earphones and a sports armband. There is also a note: “Welcome back Eric, we have missed you!”.
With that simple, affordable, but nice gesture, Eric will likely become one of the strongest candidates to be ‘Employee of the Month’.

Product of the Month Review: Rythm Bluetooth Audio Flask

Product of the Month Review: Rythm Bluetooth Audio Flask

Product of the Month Review: Rhythm Bluetooth Audio Flask

Here’s 5 reasons why the Rhythm Bluetooth Audio Flask is the sporty tech gadget you didn’t know your team needs

Sporty consumer electronics has been trending with the emerge of the activity trackers and the increasing popularity of wireless earphones. Following this trend is the Rhythm Bluetooth audio flask., a water bottle that keeps you hydrated, while blasting out your favorite tunes.

We’ve tried this product and present to you five reasons why this is the sporty tech-gadget for your team.

1. Keeps the music playing

The Bluetooth Audio bottle weighs only 320 grams, making it perfect for portability.
If that’s not light enough for you, the speaker can be detached from the bottle too. Two products in one, or two different products for separate occasions? The choice is yours.

Whether you are taking the bottle to the office or just want a pocket-sized speaker for a team building event, you have the option to customize it and bring the music –and refreshment– anywhere you’d like. Branded with your company logo, of course.

2. Drink plenty of water

We’ve said it before and we are saying it again: Stay hydrated! Among many other things, hydration have positive benefits on information processing and decreasing mental fatigue.
The bottle rocks out 530 ml of capacity, making sure your team stays creative and productive, while boosting work morale with some sweet tunes.

3. Stay connected

What’s almost as important as staying hydrated? Staying connected! The Bluetooth speaker supports conference calls for easy, hands free operation. Take that morning meeting straight after your morning jog or bring the bottle to the office for the conference call.

4. Fridays become a blast

A massive trend among speakers in 2018 are light effects; expect nothing less from this speaker. It comes with flashing LED lights that compliment music and video play and includes a built-in media stand which accommodates most large smartphones, providing hours of entertainment for the casual Friday afternoons at the office.

5. Social media capability through the roof

Cool products get shared! And along comes exposure for your brand. There is no doubt that this bottle speaker hybrid will be a conversation starter and with its uniqueness it will turn team mates into brand ambassadors on social media. Get ready for the #hashtags!

Ready to turn up your marketing efforts?

RFID: What is it and why do you need it?

RFID: What is it and why do you need it?

Each year presents a new take on what’s hot and what’s not. In 2017 we saw the rise of the Fidget Spinner and the world was getting more and more health conscious by drinking from reusable bottles instead of throw away plastic bottles. In 2018 we predict that digital security will be a hot topic. We want to feel safe but most of all, we want to know we are safe from all kinds of threats. If you don’t already know the term RFID, than we advise you to read on.


What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is used in tiny chips. They are all around us and these devices have almost limitless applications. From finding your keys to identifying your pet. This simple, small chip that is only fractionally bigger than a grain of rice, stores information that can be read using a suitable receiver or scanner. Most of us already know this technology in the form NFC or Near Field Communication and from the clothing tags that prevent shoplifting.


How RFID works

Simple. When a suitable ‘reader’ or ‘scanner’ is activated, it scans the nearby field and if a RFID chip is found, it reads the information and it can perform certain tasks. For instance, if your cat has this chip planted inside it, you can read its unique ID number to confirm the cat belongs to you.

Debit and credit cards also use this technology more and more. By scanning your card, you can make small transactions without entering your pin number and swiping your card. This is superfast and saves you time. So a lot of people use this function for paying. But unfortunately it’s not all good news.


Digital theft

A lot of banks operate under the same rules. You can make small payments, say up to €50,-, without entering your pin number. When paying bigger amounts via the RFID chip in your card, you need to enter your pin number. Sounds pretty safe right?


Think again. When someone uses a suitable payment terminal and finds your RFID debit card, he or she can withdraw money from your account without you finding out it happened. Of course these amounts are not enormous but a big irritation nonetheless. Things get worse when someone finds out your pin number. For instance, while they take a sneaky look when you pay for your groceries.

In that case, it’s possible to steal large amounts of money from your bank account and you will only find out when it’s too late. Luckily, there is a solution.


Case closed

More and more options are available to shield yourself from this problem. Of course you can simply disable the use of paying via RFID with your debit card. But given how easy it is to pay that way, it’s more ideal to combine safety with convenience.


There are two main option to choose from in that case. One is a wallet that shields the RFID signal. The other is a small case in which you can store your cards that also makes sure that the signal can’t be read by criminals. These are small, easy to use cases and offer a very inexpensive but secure countermeasure so you can enjoy all the comforts of wireless paying without the risks of others taking your money.


No case or suitable wallet near you at this moment? Then it is wise to carry your RFID enabled card deep in your wallet and not loose in your pocket so criminals have the worst chance of stealing from you while you go and find the proper protection.